• Welcome to Volkswagen Automotive! A website dedicated to paying homage to the wonderful brand which is Volkswagen.

    Over the years Volkswagen have produced some consistently brilliant cars from the Polo to the Golf! It has produced some of the most popular cars to ever grace this planet, cars which are not only brilliant in what they do, but cars which have also became symbols to represent a generation and a decade, cars which say more than I want to get from A to B without breaking down, for Volkswagen is capable of much more.

    Volkswagen was introduced to the world by Germany during a dark period of history in 1937, two years prior to the Second World War. Born out of adversity and inhumanity, Volkswagen was ironically introduced to be the “peoples’ car” and it was a project endorsed by the very same party which would go on to split humanity down the centre. Volkswagen survived the turmoil and horror it was born into, and has since grown as a brand to realise it’s destiny to become the “peoples’ car”.

    It now offers the people a number of models:

    Beetle, CC, Eon, Fox, Golf, Jetta , Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, Sharan, Tiguan, Touareg, Touran and the Up!

    So there is plenty to choose from! We have also had a look at the used car market where you can get almost any Volkswagen model from the past decade. We found that you could get some great deals when it came to the older models, and thanks to Volkswagens build quality, many of their older models are still very much up for the task today. It is always worth comparing as many cars as possible to really get a grasp of what you should be paying.

    Our favourite used Volkswagen model at the moment, is the Volkswagen Golf R32 which takes the Golf GTi to the next level and is simply excellent to drive, holding its own against the likes of the Audi S3 and the BMW i35i. Click here for further information on the Golf R32 or any other Volkswagen models.

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