• The Beetle is a crucial and defining part of Volkswagen’s history, it is a model which has more or less been there from the start, the initial result in Volkswagen’s quest to produce the “peoples’ car” in 1937. It was a car designed to be affordable for people and it could carry two adults and three children. The Second World War saw a halt to Beetle production yet by the 50’s the beetle was becoming more and more popular becoming an international best seller, but it was the 60s which really saw the Beetle reach the height of its fame.

    The Beetle became something of an icon in the 60s, a symbol of the decade, hailed as one of the great ancestors of ‘car art’. It also reached fame on the tv screens when it took the starring role in Disney’ s ’The Love Bug’ as Herbie, a role that the beetle would re-live in 2005 alongside Lindsay Lohan.


    Despite the cult status of the Beetle throughout the 60s the 70s saw Beetles sales fall with the arrival of some stiff competition and eventually production of the VW Beetle slowed, making way for the new Golf. I have now owned a used Volkswagen Golf for a couple of years and must say its a fantastic car! However the beetle never died, and whilst it may not have been prominent in society, it was hardly a forgettable car, and it made a comeback in 1998 which lasted 12 years. After a brief two year hiatus the Beetle is back again after being re-introduced in 2012. Whilst it is still unmistakably a Beetle, the 2012 edition definitely has a modern twist all be it with a retro feel. It is a fun car to drive regardless of which of the 6 engines you decide to go for.

    Petrol Engines:

    1.2-litre l4 TSI

    1.4-litre l4 16 valve TSI

    2.0-litre l4 16 valve TSI

    2.5-litre l5 20 valve

    Diesel Engines:

    1.6-litre l4 TDI

    2.0-litre l4 TDI

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