• The Volkswagen Fox is not part of the company’s recent upmarket trend. The car is the least expensive car in the line and is geared at buyers on a limited budget. The Fox is even cheaper than the Lupo that it is replacing. It will be competitive in the smallest car sector and will be appealing to city drivers and first time buyers on a limited budget.

     Volkswagen has designed the Fox to be larger than the car it is replacing, yet smaller than the VW Polo. The car has been built taller than its predecessor in order to improve cabin space without enlarging the car’s exterior design. The car can comfortably seat four adults.The Fox feels and drives like a true city car with a good solid feel. The three-door body shape is chunky, and boasts a high window line. The standard steel wheels with hubcaps look a little too small for the car, making the car appear a little cheap looking. Inside the interior quality feels a little lacking. With a small pod for the instruments mounted on a plain dashboard. The car is a bargain buy, and some materials are of lesser quality, but one exception to this is the car’s door mouldings. They are very attractive for a car in this price range. The seat trim may be a little too bright, but the car provides a good overall feel that will be appealing to a diverse group of buyers. The Fox offers buyers a choice of two small engines, and interior space has been maximized for passenger comfort. The car was designed with urban driving in mind, and both engines on offer provide more than enough power for the little Fox.


    The VW Fox is an inexpensive car to buy and run. Servicing charges and insurance rates will be low, and fuel economy will be decent. As long as you don’t drive the Fox too enthusiastically, you should be looking at quite a bargain. The cabin is spacious and will provide decent space to all of the occupants. The front seat passengers will fare well but rear passengers will have less legroom. The boot is of generous proportions and is large enough for a days shopping. The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed within the drivers line of sight, making searching for them unnecessary. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are functional and practical. All are clearly labeled and easy to use. Passengers will be comfortable the seats are supportive and the cabin has plenty of head and legroom, even for the rear passengers. Wind and road noise are low, but the suspension fails to deliver a smooth ride over rough surfaces. Accessing the cabin is easy with wide door apertures and a high roofline. Getting in and out of the cabin is easy. The boot is easily accesed through a large hacth that opens to a wide load bay.This Volkswagen Fox is easy to park due to the compact dimensions, light steering, and smooth acceleration. Even in crowded car lots, the Fox performs extremely well.

     Life Style

    The Fox can be a very fun car to drive. The three-cylinder 1.2-litre engine is not powerful but it revs keenly, so the car is able to make very good progress. The Fox does experience body roll in corners, but is manageable even for new drivers. The Fox believe it or not could accommodate a small family. The car provides enough boot and cabin space to effectively deal with family life. The car could prove to be a decent vehicle for a family just getting started or with small children.The Fox would make an excellent first car. Thanks to the car’s easy to drive nature, low running costs and a low purchase price. The Fox is very suitable as a first car. The Fox is an inexpensive vehicle, but the car boasts a good quality of materials, and good build quality. The plastics are sturdy and well finished. The Fox feels like an all-round good car even though it is an inexpensive purchase. The Volkswagen tag will also help promote a positive image of the Fox.

     Security and Safety

    All Fox models come standard with an engine immobilizer. The Urban models however also come with remote central locking. Remote central locking and an alarm system are options on the entry level Fox. The Fox comes equipped with twin front airbags, and has an option of additional side airbags. ABS and Isofix child seat mountings on the outer back seats are also standard.

     The Finishing Touches

    Both of the Fox models come equipped standard with a CD/tuner, with six speakers. The audio unit is high in quality and easy to use, with distortion only at higher volume levels. The Fox has a good mixture of light and dark colours on the interior. For the most part the Dashboard is finished in different shades of grey, while the seat fabric however is lined with multicolored stripes. The blend of colours work well together to give a good overall feel.


     The Fox will face stiff competition in this sector, but with all of the practicality and functionality on offer, the Fox shouldn’t have any problem getting buyers attention. The car offers good value for money, excellent cabin space, and sports the Volkswagen badge.

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