• Volkswagen’s Polo has received the company’s GTI badge, and now the supermini is even more desirable than before. With dynamic, mechanical and cosmetic enhancements the little supermini will definitely bring the competition to rival brands.

    Volkswagen has given the entire Polo range GTI status. The company plans to combine comfort and usability with the bonus of performance and handling, making it the most desirable Polo it can be. The company believes that the Polo will be capable of easily competing with other performance superminis.  The Polo has borrowed some of its exterior design features from the Golf GTI. These features include the honeycomb grille, spoked alloy wheels, twin tail pipes, red brake callipers and GTI badge, all of these features can be found on the Golf as well. Mechanically there have been several enhancements as well. The Polo GTI uses a turbocharged engine, a 1.8-litre unit, and is tuned to provide a high power output and a wide torque curve to maximise acceleration. Other changes include a better braking system and suspension revisions. Interior enhancements include checked sports seats and three spoke steering wheel.


    The Volkswagen Polo can be relatively inexpensive to buy and run. Insurance will be slightly high. Service charges and fuel will be high only when driven enthusiastically. The cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all of the occupants. Even rear passengers will have sufficient head and legroom. The boot is decently sized and is big enough for a few large items, and will be able to accommodate the needs of a family. The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed within the drivers line of sight, making searching for them unnecessary. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are both functional and practical as they are clearly labeled and illuminated. The Polo passengers will be comfortable thanks to the combination of comfortable, supportive seats and plenty of head and legroom. The car’s suspension is crisp and responsive. It is able to take corners very well with little body roll, adding to Polo’s comfort. Accessing the cabin is easy for all passengers. With wide door apertures and a high roofline, sliding into the seats is an effortless feat. Rear passengers are likely to notice a bit less room in the footwell however. The boot is accesed through a large hatch that allows for unrestricted access to the low load lip. Parking the Polo is easy and though you won’t need them, parking sensors are an option for all models. Visibility is good all around and parking won’t be difficult, even in crowded car lots.

     Life Style

    The car provides a firmer ride than regular models, but for the most part delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. This sharpens the handling, and the car resists roll. The 1.8-litre engine provides plenty of power but is not exceptionally exciting. The five-door version could easily be used as a family car. A family of four could easily have been accommodated, but would be too small for a larger family. Two Isofix mountings are fitted as standard. This version is not a suitable first car. The GTI version has too much power on offer, and costs more than what most first time buyers can swing. The Polo enjoys an excellent reputation, sets a high standard of quality. The Polo’s image trickles over somewhat from the Golf GTI, and is likely to be more appealing than other Polo models.

     Security and Safety

    The car’s standard security features include an engine immobiliser and remote central locking, and an anti-hijack system. All stereos are custom-fit and will not fit in any other vehicle. The car’s safety features include twin front airbags, with curtain and side airbags being optional. All models come with ABS fitted as standard.

     The Finishing Touches

    The car’s standard audio syystem includes a radio and CD player with eight speakers. Large controls and reasonably sized display make it easy to use, and the system provides good sound quality. A sat-nav system is available as a cost option. The overall quality of the car’s interior feels like good quality. Some plastics feel relatively cheap, but for the most part the quality is decent and the materials feel sturdy. The majority of the interior is grey.


    The Polo GTI builds on qualities of the regular Polo. The differences can be seen in the form of improved styling, performance and desirability. There are other rival brands that beat the supermini in several categories, but buyers are not likely to be disappointed.

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